Adidas Unite All Originals – Snoop Dogg & 2NE1

adidas unite all originals

Adidas has been rocking a solid PR campaign with “Unite All Originals” line-up of kicks and apparel wear.

snoop dogg 2ne1

A couple of weeks back, Adidas sponsored a concert featuring rapper Snoop Dogg and Kpop power girl group 2NE1 who are known to rock Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott sneakers and clothing.

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Kpop + Converse = “As Three Artists, One Song”

Just like Adidas collabing with Kpop super girl band 2NE1, Converse Korea kicks off their collaboration effort with 3 Kpop artists: indie rock band Jaurim, dance outfit Idiotape and R&B group Aziatix.

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