Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series

batmanclassictvseriesI remember watching the 1960s Batman TV show with my grandfather in our living room.  We would have a blast watching these reruns.  Now to celebrate this iconic TV program, Titan Books has released Batman – A Celebration of the Classic TV Series.

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Classic 1960s TV Batman & Robin Figures

batman and robin 1960Many of you might be too young to remember the 1960s wacky colorful Batman & Robin TV series, from DC Classics line-up, these action figures pay homage to that TV series.  This awesome 2-pack of figures features  6″ Batman and Robin versions from the 1960s TV series.  This collectible is shipping out now to retailers.

MSRP:  $32.99USD

Buy it @ Entertainment Earth – Batman Classics 1966 TV Moments Action Figure 2-Pack.


The History of the Batmobile

Image via Jay Mug.

Now that is a garage I would love to walk into – five of the most iconic Batmobiles all in one place. My favorite has always been Michael Keaton’s ride in Tim Burton’s Batman. The curves on that car blended perfectly with the gothic theme throughout the movie. Looking at it now, it still holds up. The other two Batmobiles afterwards were kind of cheesy, until Christopher Nolan’s Tumbler came along with its industrial stylings, and tore up the blueprint.

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