The History of the Batmobile

Image via Jay Mug.

Now that is a garage I would love to walk into – five of the most iconic Batmobiles all in one place. My favorite has always been Michael Keaton’s ride in Tim Burton’s Batman. The curves on that car blended perfectly with the gothic theme throughout the movie. Looking at it now, it still holds up. The other two Batmobiles afterwards were kind of cheesy, until Christopher Nolan’s Tumbler came along with its industrial stylings, and tore up the blueprint.

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Insight Editions: The Dark Knight Manual


thedarkknightmanualThis is so cool – I’ve always been looking for the greater cause. I don’t mean just donating a few bucks to your favorite charity. What I mean is sacrificing myself for the greater good of mankind  – I just never knew how to get started.  Now, I think I have just found my ray of light.  In the manual, there’s everything you need to get started on the Batcave and the Batman arsenals – Diagrams, Sketches, and many more. I just hope it comes with instructions on how to pay for everything.

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“The Dark Knight Rises” UK Character Posters

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