TRON Ride @ Shanghai Disneyland

shanghaidisneylandtronrideDisneyland fanatics will want to travel this summer for the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland in China.  One cool attraction that has me hyped-up is the TRON Lightcycle Power Run presented by Chevrolet.  This eye-popping adventure ride looks really neat and puts you in the world of TRON.  Here’s a look at the full ride by Inside the Magic!

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tronplaysetYeah, I admit I bought into the hype when TRON: Legacy came out in 2010.  I bought the amazing Daft Punk soundtrack and then a bunch of the Hasbro approved action figures which sucked and the cheap vehicles.  What I should have done was build my own TRON toys like this guy – Tim Schwalfenberg.  Tim builds an amazing TRON-like environment and playset.


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AMC DeLorean Goes Tron-Mode

dmccoverpackageI’m flashing back to the 1980s.  This animated short “Retrowave” feels like a mix of TRON, Knight Rider and Miami Vice in one.  Animator Florian Renner took the iconic ’80s car AMC DeLorean DMC-12 and made it a star of his animation short.

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Sci-Fi Short Film: CONTROLLER

“Love is to be experienced, not controlled” – Ralph Ellison III

the controller 00A girl with Jean Grey (Phoenix) type powers is trapped and she uses her powers to control her boyfriend in helping her escape.

the controller 01

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SAMCRO “Nerd Version”

The FOX F/X hit series Sons of Anarchy is about this rough and tumble gangsta bikers gets a nerdy tribute by artist Raid71.  You can get this sweet 18×24 print from Bottleneck Gallery.


From left to right:  Ghost Rider, TRON, Akira, Batman and Terminator.

MSRP:  $25.00USD

Buy it here @ Bottleneck Gallery – Raid71 – Sons of Anarchy.

Viral Video Friday: TRON Dance from the Land of the Rising Sun

To celebrate Disney’s upcoming TRON: Uprising animation series, here’s a TRON themed dance routine.  The Japanese dance crew is Wrecking Crew Orchestra. Thanks goes out to gmixalot for letting us know about this!

TRON Uprising Animated Series on Disney XD

It looks a little like Batman Beyond but with neon blue lights.

Disney XD will be releasing a new animated series this June 2012 – TRON: Uprising.

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