Medicom Be@rBricks Series 27

bearbricksMedicom looks to make a splash this December with their Series 27 release of BE@RBRICKS!  There will 24 figures to make up this Series 27 set.  Already on the Medicom website, 11 figures have been revealed and the likes of Robocop, Tigermask, and Attack on Titan will be part of this set.

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Medicom Toy x BAPE x Milo x Star Wars

medicom toy japanIf you’re a fan of cute vinyl collectible figures then this 2-piece collection might be for you.  Medicom Toy known for their BE@RBRICK figures teams up with fashion apparel brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE) for a Milo and Star Wars collab.

Darth Vader MiloThis first piece is Star Wars x Baby Milo VCD Darth Vader figure with removable mask.

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