Star Wars Launch Bay @ Disney World

starwarslaunchbaycoverThere’s a time to head to Disneyland in SoCal and a time to head to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  Disney World has just opened the Star Wars Launch Bay area and it’s great for Star Wars fans.

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Star Wars Themed Footwear from Irregular Choice

starwarsthemebootsBritish footwear company Irregular Choice collabs with Star Wars movie franchise for some fun footwear style.  You can rock Darth Vader platforms and Yoda high heels.  Prices range from $170.00USD and up to $418.00USD.

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L*R*G* x Star Wars = Capsule Collection

lrgstarwarscapulse2015This past week, LRG just dropped it’s Star Wars Capsule Collection featuring several graphic tees, long sleeve shirts, jackets and other accessories.  Prices range from $12.00USD and up to $79.00USD depending on item.

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Star Wars Helmet Mini-Replicas

starwarshelmetcollectioncoverIf you like Star Wars and miniature replica football and baseball helmets, then is also right up your alley – the Bandai Star Wars Helmet Replicas.  The set of 7 includes:  Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, R2-D2, C-3PO, TIE Fighter Pilot and a special chase helmet.

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Adidas Originals x Star Wars Capsule Collection 2015

starwarsadidasdrop2superstarWant to dress your kids in something cool?  Well, this Adidas Originals collaboration with Star Wars for 2015 will make your kid nerdy fresh.  Images of the first and second drops in this mini-capsule collection have appeared and it looks great for kids to rock’em.

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Cosplay-Style in the 16th Century

r2d2cosplayThis past weekend in the city of Paris a cosplay photo exhibition took place at the Grand Palais.  Artist/photographer Sacha Goldberger took pictures of cosplayers with a 16th century twist.  Many costume designers, make-up artist and cosplayers were involved in the project.

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I Want My PopTaters Stormtrooper!

starwarspotatoheadsFrom toymaker PPW Toys are the newly released Star Wars-themed Mr. Potato Heads.  The 4 figures include R2-D2, Yoda, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper.

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VANS x Star Wars x Funko Kicks

vansstarwars 00Here’s a way to sell some kicks!  Buy a shoe and get a cool limited edition Funko Star Wars figure.  When you buy a VANS Star Wars shoe on – you will get a random figure (no choice here!) – either Boba Fett or Darth Vader.


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Disney Store Star Wars Toy Exclusives

disneystoreThe likes of Kenner, Hasbro and various third party companies have made action figures, plush dolls and other Star Wars-related merchandise, now the Disney Store will take its turn with their own new exclusive line of action figures, plush toys, mugs, PVC figurines and die-cast vehicles.

starwars 00

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Medicom Toy x BAPE x Milo x Star Wars

medicom toy japanIf you’re a fan of cute vinyl collectible figures then this 2-piece collection might be for you.  Medicom Toy known for their BE@RBRICK figures teams up with fashion apparel brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE) for a Milo and Star Wars collab.

Darth Vader MiloThis first piece is Star Wars x Baby Milo VCD Darth Vader figure with removable mask.

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Star Wars Origami

Where was this book when I was young and too poor to buy Kenner’s Star Wars action figures back in the 70’s? I could have folded my own Star War heroes but then, now that I think about it, I would have gotten my butt kicked by the neighborhood kids for having origami. Last week I posted a Yoda origami and it was a pretty creative art piece. With this book, you can extend beyond Yoda and create R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcon – plus it includes specially designed origami paper.

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Lightsaber Chopsticks!

I tell my friends I’m buying these lightsaber chopsticks for my son but seriously, we all know this is for me.  This is the newer version by Kotobukiya with LED lights glowing while you eat. You never know the next version might have an actual laser instead of an LED light. Imagine how cool that would be – just press the button and the lightsaber will slice your food.

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Carly Rae Jepsen x Star Wars = Call Me Maybe

callmemaybestarwarsIt seems nobody can get the Canadian pop stars’ “Call Me Maybe” out of our heads.  The Star Wars version.

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“The Star Wars That I Used to Know”

starwarsgoytecoverHere’s a rather opinionated spoof of the Gotye hit, “Somebody That I Used To Know” – of course, totally Star Wars style.

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How to Do Stormtrooper Nails!

stormtroopernailsNarrated by Darth Vader.  Today, Mr. Vader will teach us how to do Stormtrooper Nails.

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Strapya World Star Wars

Since I am always on the lookout for Star Wars collectibles, I stumbled upon this website.

First of all, I fell in love with my GPS with built-in Darth Vader voice guiding me through the streets but I feel it’s sacrilege to have an R2-D2 soy sauce bottle or even the R2-D2 shampoo pump. Does George Lucas know this is happening?? On another note, I do love the idea of having a Silicone Ice Tray that can make ice in the shape of Han Solo in Carbonite. It will definitely be awesome to have a Frozen Han Solo floating around in my Margarita.

Check this site out for more crazy “illegal” Star Wars accessories?: Strapya World Star Wars.

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