“Storytime 2” Children’s Book Covers by Joey Spiotto

CBCover00If you’re a kid born in the Internet-Age, you probably download and read books on your tablet or Kindle, but if you’re old like me … you might remember these Little Golden Books for kids.  My cousins and me used to have many of these books that got us reading.  Artist Joey Spiotto took the Little Golden Book covers and replaced it with cute cartoon-style pop-culture characters.  How cool is that?

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Iconic Movie Posters with a Cartoon Twist

Canadian illustrator Ïve Bastrash reimagined these iconic posters with his own fresh cartoon style and, in my opinion, some look better than the original. A movie lover and a video game artist, Ïve also designs playing cards featuring Jack Nicholson, Cher, and Sonny Bono as the Jack, Queen, and King cards of a poker deck respectively.

Here’s a few more of my favs:

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