The Culture of Beauty in South Korea

southkoreaindustyOver the past decade South Korea is known around the world for it’s K-pop music, Korean entertainment in films & TV programs and fashion culture.  There is also an incredible $6 billion dollar domestic beauty industry.  Beyond Beauty host Grace Neutral takes us on an interesting journey of what is South Korean beauty and cosmetic products used.  Both men and women spend lots of money on looking beautiful aka “K-Beauty.”

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Welcome to Silicon Valley Comic-Con 2016!

Retrenders - Silicon Valley Comic Con - SVCC - by Johnny MorenoWelcome to the first Silicon Valley Comic-Con! The inaugural of SVCC was the largest Comic convention in San Jose, California, thanks to Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee. The convention was a collaboration between panel talks of surfacing technology such as Virtual Reality and how will we use it? So when you you took a stroll through the convention floor, you were literally walking through the imaginative world of stories ; and if you chose to attend a tech panel, you can see how comics and Sci-fi have contributed to innovative technology and its use –Such things as the hoverboard which is the future of skateboard transportation! Now that’s what I call the ying and the yang.
Now who said we were just here to see Stan Lee? – RETRENDERS, or course!

“Storytime 2” Children’s Book Covers by Joey Spiotto

CBCover00If you’re a kid born in the Internet-Age, you probably download and read books on your tablet or Kindle, but if you’re old like me … you might remember these Little Golden Books for kids.  My cousins and me used to have many of these books that got us reading.  Artist Joey Spiotto took the Little Golden Book covers and replaced it with cute cartoon-style pop-culture characters.  How cool is that?

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100 Years of the Coca-Cola Bottle

100cokebottleSoft drink company Coca-Cola marks the 100 years the Coca-Cola glass bottle with an artistic celebration.  Over 130 artists, designers and illustrators from around the world took part. to take part.  Coca-Cola has collected over 250-pieces and will do a traveling art tour, The Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour: Inspiring Pop Culture for 100 Years.

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Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss

You’ve probably seen his artwork floating around the World Wide Web, email links from friends saying take a look at these cool movie posters, or seen his box art for the PS3 video game Resistance 3.  If you don’t know who Olly Moss is, well you should take notice now with his first collected art book by publisher Titan Books – Silhouettes from Popular Culture.

This book collects Victorian art of silhouette portraits with Olly’s own style, with a sense of fun and wit.  Flipping through the pages, you will be amazed at the various silhouette portraits of pop culture characters from comics, films, TV, cartoons, anime, and videogames.  Olly started this small project as a way to put up nerdy art that his girlfriend would like in the house and since ballooned to around 300 “paper cut” silhouette pieces.  With only 144 pages in this book, Olly picked his favorite silhouettes to be in this collection.  When you look at the various silhouette art pieces you might be wondering to yourself, how the heck did he get so precise with just scissors?  Well, he admits to using industrial laser cutters.

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