The Art of Jim Burns: Hyperluminal

artjimburnsIf there’s a mention of Ridley Scott’s iconic film “Bladerunner” anywhere, I’m usually there in a heartbeat.  The early concept art and ideas of Bladerunner began with this man – Jim Burns.  The British award winning artist has the distinction of winning 3 Hugo awards and creating science fiction book covers for authors like George RR Martin, Peter F Hamilton and Anne McCaffrey.

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Bringing Soul to Your eBooks

I love everything about a good book – the weight in my hand, the beautiful cover, and of course, the great enjoyment the story has brought me. With e-readers, we lose the weight, but we also lose the “soul” of the book. With this imaginative idea by, one gets to still enjoy their favorite book and cling on to at least some of that “soul” by fitting their eBook with a jacket adorned with original book cover art. Made by the oldest bookbinder in the U.S., the cases also look and feel like an actual book. Check out some of my current favorites – The Great Gatsby and A Clockwork Orange jackets.

For more info, go to:  KickStarter – Out of Print eBook Jackets.

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