Bicycle Everyday Zombies Playing Cards

bicyclezombies00If you play lots of Poker games or just games using playing cards, then you’re probably familiar with brand Bicycle.  Bicycle makes playing cards, but every now then, Bicycle collabs, like with artist Rob Sacchetto on this playing card themed “Everyday Zombies.”

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Ramen goes Snack Tasting @ Japan Expo 2013

Not all anime-cons are about cosplay, manga, buying toys and going to the different panels, our Ramen and a Half team goes snack tasting at Japan Expo 2013.  The convention took place August 23-25th, 2013 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.  Our host Eddie and Jonelle hit-up JFC International to taste all the yummy snacks and candies.  With their stomachs full, they also headed to the Yakult booth to drink the healthy yogurt drink.

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Flashback: Cheesy Cop Shows

chips tv showCop shows in the 80s were cheesy, yes.  But they were darn right FUN!

Here are a few flashbacks to a time when a CHP officer could patrol the L.A. freeways during the day and don a pair of roller-skates in the evening….

CHiPs (1977-1983)

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