Edible Candy Art by Shinri Tezuka

candyanimals00candyanimals01Move over Willy Wonka.  There is a new sweet man, and this Candy Man can.  “Amezaiku” is a form of candy sculpting art form and this 27-year old Japanese artist Shinri Tezuka displays his amazing candy sculpting skills.  Shinri is also owner of his own candy store Ameshin in Japan.

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Vive La Lolligag! Vinyl Doll Release & Custom Group Show

lolligageventOn brezzy Saturday night, August 28, 2015 in the Richmond District SF, Woot Bear Gallery held the “Vive La Lolligag!” event.  Both an art show featuring a collection of contemporary artist reinterpreting the Lolligag vinyl doll and a final release edition of the Lolligag doll, the grape colorway Lolligag figure.

Our Vinyl Pulp team was there to recap the event and interviews with the creators and artists on hand.

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Ramen goes Snack Tasting @ Japan Expo 2013

Not all anime-cons are about cosplay, manga, buying toys and going to the different panels, our Ramen and a Half team goes snack tasting at Japan Expo 2013.  The convention took place August 23-25th, 2013 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.  Our host Eddie and Jonelle hit-up JFC International to taste all the yummy snacks and candies.  With their stomachs full, they also headed to the Yakult booth to drink the healthy yogurt drink.

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Japan Only: Gummi CandyMen made from 3D Printer


What do you do when you have access to a 3D printer?  Make life-like gummi candymen!  Thanks to FabCafe in Japan – you can just hop into their store and design whatever you can with a 3D printer.

For more details, go to:  FabCafe (keep in mind – the website is in Japanese – you will need a translator.)

Maria Sharapova Candy Line = Sugarpova

Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova launches her new premium candy line today starting with 4 types of sweets:  gummies, sour gummies, gumballs, and soft chew candies and 12 different flavors.  Each 5oz. candy bag will cost $5.99USD.

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All Things Cute and Bright: Caramelaw Toys

Most of the custom figures are robots or aliens, so if you are looking for fun and bright, check out Caramelaw.  These candy inspired custom toys are designed by Singapore’s Sheena Aw.

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Sweets Store with Childlike Design Element

If you ever find yourself on the corner of Queen & Bourke Street in Melbourne, Australia – make sure you stop by the The Candy Room.  This store isn’t just about sugary sweets, but also about retail design.

Check it out:  The Candy Room in Melbourne, Australia.

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