The Culture of Beauty in South Korea

southkoreaindustyOver the past decade South Korea is known around the world for it’s K-pop music, Korean entertainment in films & TV programs and fashion culture.  There is also an incredible $6 billion dollar domestic beauty industry.  Beyond Beauty host Grace Neutral takes us on an interesting journey of what is South Korean beauty and cosmetic products used.  Both men and women spend lots of money on looking beautiful aka “K-Beauty.”

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Brand Debut: Les Merveilleuses de Laduree

What is that? Is Laduree, the world renowned patisserie that has the world’s best tasting macarons selling rose petals now? Nope. The image above is blush. All one does is run a brush across the petals before dabbing them on the cheeks for the perfect glow. And I thought Guerlain’s Meteorites  were the fanciest thing in the world.

Albion, the manufacturers of  Paul & Joe Beaute and Anna Sui‘s cosmetics line is one of the largest cosmetics company in Japan. Supposedly, Albion’s own in-house lines are favored by the Japanese royalty. Needless to say, the brand is top shelf and is well versed in the art of designer collaborations. The Les Merveilleuses de Laduree is another carefully crafted brand that perfectly combines high quality, elegance, and beauty.

The packaging is to die for.

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