Brave Frontier Collaboration with “My Hero Academia”

SAN FRANCISCO, ANZ, AND SOUTHEAST ASIA – July 24, 2018 –  gumi Inc has announced that fans of the award-winning anime My Hero Academia will be able to summon their favorite characters from July 26th to August 22nd! Summon these Pro Heroes-in-the-making into your Squad and help them achieve their true heroic potential!

The highlights of this collaboration are as follows:

Collaboration Units
Summon these Pro Heroes-in-the-making from the Number 1 Hero Academy in Japan, U.A. High School:

  1. Izuku Midoriya 
    A helpful yet somewhat timid young man, Izuku thought his dreams of becoming a hero were destined for failure after discovering that he was Quirkless. Despite this, he continued to be diligent in his studies in hopes of someday becoming worthy of being called a hero. Soon, he acquired the legendary Quirk One For All.
  2. Ochaco Uraraka 
    A bubbly, vivacious young lady with an unexpected fierceness when it comes to protecting her friends, Ochaco always tries to see the good in those around her. Her Quirk is Zero Gravity, which allows her to make any object she touches float in mid-air.
  3. Katsuki Bakugo 
    Arrogant and aggressive, Katsuki is supremely confident in both his martial abilities and his explosive Quirk. Although he is known for being reckless and brash, Katsuki can be surprisingly kind when he wants to be.
  4. Tsuyu Asui 
    Calm and levelheaded, Tsuyu can be counted on to be straightforward with her opinions no matter the situation. She is very kind and observant, regardless of how people may ostracize her for her odd appearance. With her Quirk Frog, she has shown herself to be a tremendous asset when fighting alongside other heroes.

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Atmos x Bounty Hunter

I’m a big fan of graphic tees from Japan – here’s a collaboration between Atmos and Bounty Hunter.  There’s a couple of color combos to choose from.

MSRP:  Est. $81.00USD

I can’t afford a trip to Japan right now, so I guess I’m gonna go eBay apparel hunting!

For more details, check out:  Atmos Tokyo.


No Subtitles, but if you understand Japanese, then catch this interview by Sneaker Resource with Hikaru from Bounty Hunter and Yuichi Sato from Atmos:

Reebok x Marvel Comics = Superhero Kicks!

When I first saw these Marvel themed sneakers, I immediately though of my son back when he was five years old wearing his little spider-man shoes and his power ranger backpack to school.

Fast forward to this year and, with the success of the Avenger movie, adults now have a chance to wear their own superhero sneaks but with more style. These fantastic kicks from Reebok lets you proudly display your favorite hero on your feet – without having to feel too embarrassed when walking around in them.

Check for more info on these kicks – Reebok x Spiderman & Reebok x Avengers.

Rory Beca for Forever 21: Spring 2012 Collection

Alongside the Orla Kiely x Uniqlo collab, the newest Rory Beca capsule collection for Forever 21 also hits a sweet spot in terms of its affordability. Prices start at $15.80 and ends at $24.80. How great is that? The dresses and tops are feminine and airy with beautiful colors and prints that are perfect for Spring and Summer. I’m totally crushing on anything with both the floating feather print and the watercolor print. The high-low maxi dresses are also rather beautiful.

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Marni @ H&M Collaboration

Marni – 54 piece collection – Spring 2012

Like Target’s designer collab with Jason Wu, H&M has one up their sleeves – a collaboration with designer Marni.  54 pieces in this set – mix and match.  Go to: Marni @ H&M.

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Music: Converse’s “Three Artists One Song” Project

FeatureHow awesome is this idea? Converse’s “3 Artists 1 Song” project brings together 3 different artists to create a brand spankin’ new thing of beauty. Not only that, Converse then offers FREE DOWNLOADS of each track. Check the links below the vids to get your music fix!


The newest: Gorillaz + Andre 3000 + LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy = DoYaThing.

Download here

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Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection

Constance Jablonski for Estee Lauder

Following the heels of Banana Republic’s successful Mad Men inspired capsule collection, Estee Lauder will be debuting their very own retro-inspired collection on March 18, just a couple of days before the premiere of Mad Men Season 5 on March 25th. A second collection for Season 6 is currently in the works.

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Orla Kiely x Uniqlo

Every time I read about Uniqlo I turn greener and greener with envy. There is an absence of Uniqlo stores over here on the West Coast though they’ve greenlit both a San Francisco and a Los Angeles flagship for the finite date of…eventually.

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Brand Debut: Les Merveilleuses de Laduree

What is that? Is Laduree, the world renowned patisserie that has the world’s best tasting macarons selling rose petals now? Nope. The image above is blush. All one does is run a brush across the petals before dabbing them on the cheeks for the perfect glow. And I thought Guerlain’s Meteorites  were the fanciest thing in the world.

Albion, the manufacturers of  Paul & Joe Beaute and Anna Sui‘s cosmetics line is one of the largest cosmetics company in Japan. Supposedly, Albion’s own in-house lines are favored by the Japanese royalty. Needless to say, the brand is top shelf and is well versed in the art of designer collaborations. The Les Merveilleuses de Laduree is another carefully crafted brand that perfectly combines high quality, elegance, and beauty.

The packaging is to die for.

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