Brand Debut: Les Merveilleuses de Laduree

What is that? Is Laduree, the world renowned patisserie that has the world’s best tasting macarons selling rose petals now? Nope. The image above is blush. All one does is run a brush across the petals before dabbing them on the cheeks for the perfect glow. And I thought Guerlain’s Meteorites  were the fanciest thing in the world.

Albion, the manufacturers of  Paul & Joe Beaute and Anna Sui‘s cosmetics line is one of the largest cosmetics company in Japan. Supposedly, Albion’s own in-house lines are favored by the Japanese royalty. Needless to say, the brand is top shelf and is well versed in the art of designer collaborations. The Les Merveilleuses de Laduree is another carefully crafted brand that perfectly combines high quality, elegance, and beauty.

The packaging is to die for.

Pressed Cheek Color

The Merveilleuses, according to Wikipedia, were “marvelous women” of a fashion-conscious aristocracy in France during the times of 1795-1799. Not to be outdone by the large earring wearing, green jacket and wide trouser toting, and floppy haired male Incroyables, the Merveilleuses  had rouged cheeks, wore cleavage-filled sheer to transparent linen gowns. Greco-Roman tunics and sandals were adorned as they pretty much non-stop partied at their fancy balls.

Blushes are the focus of the collection with 3 different types: the Face Color Rose Laduree (in regular and mini), the Pressed Cheek Color, and the Cream Cheek Base. The Pressed Cheek Color range alone has 20 different colors from pink, beige, to even yellow which is quite surprising for a Japanese brand as their clientele usually prefers basic colors in pinks, reds, and soft oranges.

Cream Cheek Base

The collection as a whole includes:

Lip: Rouge in 7 colors

Cheek: Face Color Rose Laduree in 3 colors (7350 yen for refill, 3150 yen for the case), Face Color Mini in 3 colors (3360 yen), Cream Cheek Base in 5 colors (4410 yen), and Pressed Color Cheek in 20 colors (3900 for refill, 1575 for case and brush)

Face: Translucent Make Up Base (5250 yen) , Fluid Foundation in 3 colors (6090 yen), Face Powder in 4 colors (8820 yen for refill, 3780 yen for case), Color Control Base (3990 yen), Smoothing Base (3990 yen), and Stick Concealer in 2 colors (3990 yen)

Accessories: Cheek Brush (6300 yen), Hand Mirror (3675 yen) , Face Powder Puff (630 yen), Make Up Sponge (735 yen)

The prices are rather expensive. Another luxury cosmetics brand is now born!


Click here for the official Les Merveilleuses de Laduree site.

The collection dropped 1.29.2012 in Japan. Click here for an exclusive look at the launch.

The collection is slated for a Fall release in Europe.

The collection will be released in the US at an unknown time after Europe.


By Contributing Blogger:  M. Do.


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