Would You Like Cream, Sugar, or Creature in Your Coffee?


I get up pretty early for work and also on my days off. For instance, I’m writing this post at 5:48am in the morning.  Currently, I’m downing coffee while I absentmindedly type away on the keyboard. Instead of depending on the coffee to jolt me awake, it’d be great to stare down into one of these cups to get my brain and eyes that surprise kick in the head I sorely need to get my day going. The regular 11 oz. cup goes for $15 while the larger 15 oz. one goes for $20 plus they’ve got plenty of sea and land creatures to choose from.

For more info, go to:  Creature Cups.

Cup Stacking Competition 2012

Japan just hosted the 2012 sport cup stacking competition for Asia.  From kids to seniors – these guys are super fast.  The World Championships of Sport Stacking will take place in Butzbach (40 minutes from Frankfurt), Germany from April 14-15th, 2012.  This invite-only tournament will bring over 250 contestants from 20-plus countries.

For more info, go to:  World Sport Stacking Asscociation (WSSA).

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