The Star Wars Royal Selangor Collection

starwarsroyalselangorRoyal Selangor is known for making quality pewter jewelry and accessories, and this new Star Wars Collection looks amazing.  If you’re looking for a special high-end gift for that Star Wars fan, then this just might do it.

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A Montage of Clips through the Lens of a iPhone 5S

momentsinasiaIt’s pretty incredible what you can do with a smartphone these days.  You can play Candy Crush, try date somebody on Tinder, or do something creative like making one cool video montage of your travels.  And that’s what photographer Markus Kontiainen has done with his “Moments in Asia.”

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Ultra Eye: A Hipster Guide to Tokyo Parts 1-3

tokyo travel

The last time I was in Japan was like 2009, so maybe it’s time to go back?  I do need to get some new bags and boots.  The Reserve Channel’s Ultra Eye takes a 3-part look at Tokyo.

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Ultra Eye travels to Singapore Parts 1-4

singapore travel

The summer maybe over, but I feel the need to travel again.  Maybe The RESERVE Channel’s Ultra Eye takes will point me in the next direction – Singapore!  Check out this 4-part series on tourist spot – Singapore.

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Freestyle Breaking Session with Project Prepix Asia

freestyle breakingLike Jackie Chan’s “Drunken Master” flicks, this international break crew Project Prepix Asia gets their drink on and shows-off some hip-breaking moves:

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Viral Video Friday: Time Lapse Asia Videos

time lapse shanghai 00time lapse shanghai

More time-lapse videos this Friday.  “This is Shanghai” by Rob Whitworth and JT Singh shows the mega urban sprawl of Shanghai during the day and neon nights.

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Japan Only: Gummi CandyMen made from 3D Printer


What do you do when you have access to a 3D printer?  Make life-like gummi candymen!  Thanks to FabCafe in Japan – you can just hop into their store and design whatever you can with a 3D printer.

For more details, go to:  FabCafe (keep in mind – the website is in Japanese – you will need a translator.)

Only in Asia: McD’s French Fry Parties


It’s my French Fry Party!! at McDonalds!! Image via

These potato parties started out by kids in Japan, since French Fries are cheap, the kids just order a bunch of French Fries at McDonalds.  Now it’s all the rage in Asia, as youngsters order bunches of fries.  I have to admit McDonald’s French Fries are very yummy, but the my doctor would go nuts!  I’m scared to ask for the sodium and calorie count.

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Reebok Collabs Hitting 2012

Photo from Sole

Very simply put – Reebok meets Ghost in the Shell. Can’t wait for the day when Batman will pair up with Nike or how about Adidas and the Avengers?  For more info and release date, go to:  Sole Collector – Reebok Insta Pump Fury – Tachikoma.


Since the Reebok Insta Pump Fury x Ghost in the Shell is not out yet, why not get these limited release sneakers – the Reebok Insta Pump Fury x Spider-Man kicks?

You can pick up a pair @ Mita Sneakers Japan and it’ll set your wallet back around $237.00USD.  How come Asia gets all these cool kicks?

Cup Stacking Competition 2012

Japan just hosted the 2012 sport cup stacking competition for Asia.  From kids to seniors – these guys are super fast.  The World Championships of Sport Stacking will take place in Butzbach (40 minutes from Frankfurt), Germany from April 14-15th, 2012.  This invite-only tournament will bring over 250 contestants from 20-plus countries.

For more info, go to:  World Sport Stacking Asscociation (WSSA).

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