Google Doodle Tribute to Eiji Tsubaraya

googlekingkongtributeIf you remember watching Ultraman or those badly dubbed Godzilla flicks from Japan back in the day, well, today’s Google Doodle is a tribute to the sci-fi monster maker Eiji Tsubaraya.  The famous director passed away in the 1970s and today would be his 114th birthday.  Google Doodles honors the man with neat little video on monster making.

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Arnold Palmer Drinks & Doodles

arizona arnold palmer

Who doesn’t like Arizona’s Arnold Palmer canned ice teas?  I’ve been drinking their various Arnold Palmer ice teas, the Half & Half Lite, Zero Calories, and the regular version for a couple of years.  And it’s super refreshing on a hot day, but I digress, here’s a guy that really likes his Arnold Palmers!

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Walls Notebook – The Adult Doodle Book

I love this notebook, because I doodle and I can’t stop drawing during those long drawn out meetings at work. With a notebook like this, I think I can really explore different areas of drawing like, for example, maybe trying out graffiti art.

Quick Facts:  80 pages to draw and costs $16.95USD.

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