The Largest Banksy Street Collection on Display in Rome


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The secretive British street artist known as Banksy has always made a political statement with his art. This past week, a large collection of Banksy works where put on display in an exhibit – “War Capitalism & Liberty.”  More than 100 Banksy art pieces and over 60-plus records and CD covers were curated from private collectors and clients.

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The Banksy street artist of China: ROBBBB

artofrobbbbFollowing in the steps of street artist Banksy, China’s young urban artist ROBBBB does the same.  His street art is social commentary and a reflection of modern China growing and the issues facing urban city life and society.  He also talks about his process in starting a street art project with BBC News.

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Cute Pandas taking over Hong Kong

panda 00It may just look like a cute Panda project and a nod to urban art, but it’s also to raise awareness about Pandas.  French artist Paulo Grangeon partners with WWF, PMQ and allrightsreserved plan to launch 1,600 Pandas in papier-mâché form onto the streets of Hong Kong.

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Cool Street Art by Benedetto Bufalino

street 00Artist Benedetto Bufalino does art in away that says something about our world and a touch of humor.  And this is what we need as this crazy Holiday shopping stress, family madness and all out craziness, we all need a dose of Bufalino street art.

street 01

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Graffiti Timelapse Video – Limitless

limitless 00Take a abandon warehouse and 4 graffiti artists and let them roam free and spray paint away.  Street art at it’s best by artists:  Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench.  Check out this cool timelapse video by these artists:

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Street Art by OaKoAk

street art 00

street art 01

French street artist OaKoAk turns street signs, walls, bus signs and just anything on a street into works of art.

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Geometry Artwork by Felice Varini

geometric mural 00

Artist Felice Varini likes to do big 3D-like geometric murals on buildings.  The art project was unleashed last month in Paris, France at the Grand Palais.

geometric mural 01

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Umbrella Art by Luke Jerram

The staff here at Retrenders has brought you other umbrella art pieces in the past – maybe its a trend.  Seriously though, artist Luke Jerram said it best in describing his recent outdoor art installation Just Sometimes, “It’s ok to create something that is simply beautiful that makes the public smile.” Honestly, I really wouldn’t mind walking by this to work everyday. Sure would bring a smile to my face and some spring to my feet as I tackle a long day of work. Go to his website to check out some of his other amazing art installation, sculptures, and live art.

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Play Monopoly on the Streets of Chicago

How cool would it be to play the classic board game “Monopoly” on the streets of Chi-town?  Way cool.

Image via Colossal

The street artist(s) behind this “Monopoly” art project chose to remain hidden, but they are simply known as the artist(s) – Bored.  For more pictures of this “Monopoly” street art and article, go to:  Colossal, Art & Design – Monopoly Street Art.

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Viral Video Friday: Super Mario 3D Art

supermario3dartTime-lapse video of artist Chris Carlson drawing Mario in 3D with chalk.

Walls Notebook – The Adult Doodle Book

I love this notebook, because I doodle and I can’t stop drawing during those long drawn out meetings at work. With a notebook like this, I think I can really explore different areas of drawing like, for example, maybe trying out graffiti art.

Quick Facts:  80 pages to draw and costs $16.95USD.

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