Long forgotten, this is a “Video from the Vault”, a Retrenders car show video so to speak. Here we tried to conjure up and choreograph an introduction, on the spot, with limited time, and not to mention dealing with all the noise that takes place at a car show. As producers for Retrenders, we want to make things entertaining – So we pulled this video from the vault, slapped some music onto it, and hope that it adds some personality to entertain you.

In this Out-Take video, Lena Love teases me about our set-up and tries to help at the same time; Claim Ho (off camera) was just entertained by watching our mini choreography, and one other JDM Girl of FIRM400 in the video couldn’t make out what we wanted. Oh well, but that’s what happens when you’re at a fabulous car show with tons of noise in the background. To be honest, it was fun just trying to do something.

FYI: This took place at Hot Import Nights (HIN) in Pomona, California back in March 2012.

Frankie’s Garage: Hot Import Nights 2012 – Pomona!

HIN2012HIN kicked off its first event of the year for 2012 in Pomona, CA.  Also check our Flickr page for more photos of the event – Retrenders @ HIN 2012 Pomona.

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