Frankie’s Garage: Wekfest SF San Jose 2013

IMG_4012This past weekend, the aftermarket auto and lifestyle event Wekfest rolled into San Jose, CA. Wekfest celebrates 5 years here in the Bay, which started in the Japantown Garage in San Francisco. The Ramen crew hits up Wekfest for the tuned cars and hot import models.

DC Superheroes get Korean aftermarket rides @ SEMA 2012!

Kia Motors x JLA via DC Comics

Korean auto company Kia teams up with DC Comics to bring out souped-up Justice League inspired rides.  Need to know what the Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Cyborg drive in real life?  Kia cars!  While superstar comic book artist Jim Lee did all the designs, the cars were built by West Coast Customs aftermarket shop, RIDES magazine, and Super Street magazine.

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Frankie’s Garage: Hot Import Nights 2012 – Pomona!

HIN2012HIN kicked off its first event of the year for 2012 in Pomona, CA.  Also check our Flickr page for more photos of the event – Retrenders @ HIN 2012 Pomona.

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HIN Pomona 2012!

Asking the tough questions of whether to turbo or supercharge your ride.

Hot Import Nights started off its 2012 season in Pomona, California this past weekend – 03/10/12.

HIN in full effect.

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Retrenders @ Wekfest SF 2012

Without further ado – here are the video packages we shot from Wekfest SF 2012 on Sunday Feb. 19th.  Our Retrenders team had some tech issues (who said Apple is perfect?), but onward and forward with vids of cool cars, hot girls, and interviews from Wekfest SF 2012.

Models and models!

Models and models!

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