G-Shock S Series for Women

gshockswomencoverThe popular G-Shock watch series by Casio has always been toy accessories for the boys to play with, now a G-Shock S-Series for Women.  We girls, finally get G-Shock watches.  The G-Shock S-Series features unique styling, colors and most of all, be able to match our wardrobe for the night out on the town.

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G-Shock with Bluetooth


One of the great things of owning an iPhone, is looking through all the available accessories and gadgets that work with it. One such gadget I came across, is this Bluetooth enabled G-Shock watch from Casio. I love G-Shocks for their durability and with this one, you can pair your iPhone with it and be alerted to Facebook and Twitter events, calls, or email. It can sync-up time to your phone’s clock and it even includes an iPhone finder feature just in case you misplace your precious smartphone on those “what was I doing again?” days.

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Everything You Need To Know About G-Shock!

mygshockOne of the most popular pop-fashion accessory product line over the years is the Casio G-Shock watches.  To get all the major G-Shock news, like new colors, product lines, collaborations and limited editions – just head to: My G-Shock.  My G-Shock is the 411 on anything and everything about G-Shock watches.

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