G-Shock S Series for Women

gshockswomencoverThe popular G-Shock watch series by Casio has always been toy accessories for the boys to play with, now a G-Shock S-Series for Women.  We girls, finally get G-Shock watches.  The G-Shock S-Series features unique styling, colors and most of all, be able to match our wardrobe for the night out on the town.

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SlingShox Wraps for your G-Shocks!


Buying and collecting Casio G-Shock watches can get really expensive and if you need to match the watch with your outfit, you might need to buy several color G-Shocks.  But now you can buy SlingShox’s silicone watchbands that fit most Casio’s G-Shocks and Baby G-Shocks.  Now you can roll and rock out many different color flavors.  SlingShox also offers various customs and designer collabs, so check out the site!

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LRG: Spring 2013 Lookbook

For many years now, LRG has been consistently turning hip urban streetwear with a full line-up of pants, jackets, shoes, and other accessories.  Check out their Spring 2013 Lookbook.

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Accessorize with Modify Watches

Customize the face, straps, colors and more when you buy Modify Watches.  It’s all about making the watch your own and rockin’ it.

EDM fans will enjoy this – Deadmau5-themed watches.

MSRP:  $30.00USD – $50.00USD

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Everything You Need To Know About G-Shock!

mygshockOne of the most popular pop-fashion accessory product line over the years is the Casio G-Shock watches.  To get all the major G-Shock news, like new colors, product lines, collaborations and limited editions – just head to: My G-Shock.  My G-Shock is the 411 on anything and everything about G-Shock watches.

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