Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix

abstractdesignI’ve just finished watching The Crown and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.  So what is next for me Netflix?  I think I’m going to change it up a little by watching this new docu-series dropping February 10, 2017, Abstract – The Art of Design.

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Dwell on Design LA 2014


Our special guest host Anett Mende takes on the biggest modern home/office living event Dwell on Design LA 2014.  The 3-day design showcased over 2,000 products and our Spotlight crew highlight products that caught our attention.

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Lollipop House

Lollipop House 001

This “Lollipop House” from Korean architecture firm Moon Hoon looks tiny in scale, but it’s actually really big inside.  It’s deceiving to the eyeballs.

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Anthony Dickens’ Japanese Paper Lanterns

Tekio by Anthony Dickens, photo from Cool Hunting

I really like this concept of lighting.  Our current lighting setup is very one or two dimensional – it can take several light bulbs to fill up a room.  A bunch of fluorescent lights are able to fill up a room but it’s not very appealing to the eye. This concept blends the functionality of lighting with aesthetic sensibilities.

For more info, go to:  Cool Hunting – Anthony Dickens’ Tekio.

Mixtape Table

by Jeff Skierka Designs

This is a real coffee table in the shape of a cassette tape at 12:1 scale. My son, who is 9, has no idea what a cassette tape, turntable, or VCR is. He’s still amazed when I tell him that TV used to be only in black and white. Kids are just so darned funny these days.

For more info on the mixtape table, go to:  Jeff Skierka Designs.

Rundown Apartment Turned Modern & Livable

Do you want to be a future interior designer?  Well check out this video for room building inspiration.  Designer James Hong turns a run down 500 square feet apartment into something livable.

Alphabet Furniture by TABISSO

Are you getting tired of that company sofa in the common area or chairs in the lobby?  Well these cool looking chair and light designs by TABISSO will surely spice up the office.

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The Glass House

Glass House in Tokyo by Yahoo Real EstateThis 3-story glass house looks really cool in Tokyo.  But I think it won’t be fun living in this place with no privacy.  Peeping-toms and nosy neighbors will have a field day with this.

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Justin Timberlake is Now Designing Pots and Pans

Justin Timberlake becoming Martha Stewart!

The singer-actor-apparel designer is now moving to home decoration.  Justin Timberlake will be teaming up with interior designer Estee Stanley and will create an exclusive collection for HomeMint.  The products will be available in early May 2012.  Yippie, instead of buying Martha Stewart products now, I can buy Justin Timberlake plates and cutlery.  Now when we have a family steak dinner I can tell everybody, “I’m using J.T. forks and spoons!”

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