Beats x Hello Kitty = 40th Anniversary Headphones

beatsdrehellokittyLooks like rapper Dr. Dre is also getting on the 40th Anniversary Hello Kitty bandwagon!  Beats will offer 2 special Hello Kitty-inspired items:  the Solo2 Hello Kitty headphone and the urbeats Hello Kitty earbuds editions.

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Interactive Art – Musical LED Swings on Tour

musicalswingsEven as an adult seeing a swing set on a playground can just bring out the kid in all of us.  These special swing set installations have LED lights and plays music.  The Swings – An Exercise in Musical Cooperation project was developed by Daily Tous Les Jours, a Montreal-based design studio.

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Audeze LCD2

Christmas is coming and here I go again this year with my wish list. Though every year, that lame St. Nick never delivers what I want.  But that won’t stop me, I plan to post more of my wish lists in the coming weeks here at Retrenders. First on the list are these gorgeous Audeze LCD2 headphones with Lambskin leather cushions, Rosewood earcups, and a planar magnetic driver.  What else more can I ask for in a headphone?

MSRP:  $995.00USD

For more details, go to Audeze LCD2 – Bamboo.


Recyclable Headphones: Hoomia Bon 5

Are you still on the green tech kick for 2012?  How about environmentally friendly headphones using bamboo and recyclable?  Taiwanese company Hoomia launches these nifty Bon 5 series headphones.

MSRP:  $38.00USD

Source:  Dzone – Hoomia Bon 5.


Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

The Momentum is the latest from Sennheiser and this is definitely one of their higher end headphones. From the first look, it does remind me of the interior of a luxury car – from the tough, breathable, sweat resistant leather headband, to their soft, leather earcups for wearing comfort, this headphone is elegantly designed.

MSRP:  Est. $350.00USD

For more info, go to:  Sennheiser Momentum Headphones.

Make Music with Incredibox

I found a new timesuck. Incredibox is an amazing website where you can create your own music by selecting various melodies, beats, effects, and choruses together to create a unique and distinct musical piece of your own. The best aspect of the application is that you can visually see all your additions at work by dragging and dropping various icons representing each desired effect onto the avatar. You can then record and share your creation with your friends and see among which of you is the most musically inclined.

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Klipsch Image S4i Rugged

Klipsch is re-introducing their s4i line by making it more durable and giving it some colors.  There are lots of color to choose from (I actually like the burgundy ones). They are also waterproofing it which is great for any outdoor sporting activities.

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