Food: A Taste of Montreal

lebremerThis episode of Chef’s Night Out is all about eating good food in Montreal, Quebec.  A look at restaurant Le Bremner with chefs Chuck Hughes, Danny Smiles and bartender Vito Ciocca and their night out on the town.  This is how they do it in Old Montreal.

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Interactive Art – Musical LED Swings on Tour

musicalswingsEven as an adult seeing a swing set on a playground can just bring out the kid in all of us.  These special swing set installations have LED lights and plays music.  The Swings – An Exercise in Musical Cooperation project was developed by Daily Tous Les Jours, a Montreal-based design studio.

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Viral Video Friday: Montreal by Winter

montreal by winter 00One of the most picturesque cities in Canada is Montreal and here’s an artsy project by Stephane Hoareau for Timecode Lab.  The short film video project showcases Montreal in the winter weather and some neat time-lapse scenes.

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