COVERGIRLS Star Wars Collection

covergirlstarwarscollectioncoverWith the new Star Wars:  The Force Awakens film right around the corner, the new toys, games, clothing and mugs are cool, but how about some Star Wars makeup?  Covergirl offers the limited edition Star Wars makeup collection.

In this makeup collection you’ll find Star Wars-themed packaging and Star Wars film quotes. The collection features: 1 shade of the Super Sizer Mascara – The Dark Side (MSRP:  $6.85USD); 1 shade of the Super Sizer Waterproof Mascara – The Light Side (MSRP:  $6.85USD); 6 shades of the Outlast Nail Polish (MSRP:  $5.49USD); and 6 shades of the Colorlicious Lipstick (MSRP:  $5.49USD).

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How to Do Stormtrooper Nails!

stormtroopernailsNarrated by Darth Vader.  Today, Mr. Vader will teach us how to do Stormtrooper Nails.

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Strange Collaborations: OPI x The Amazing Spider-Man

tasmopiSo this May, OPI will be launching their “The Amazing Spider-Man Collection.” I’m still digesting this because on the inside I’m honestly still a bit confused about this collaboration. I can just imagine some Hollywood executive waking up one morning and asked himself what would be a probable movie tie-in that would help make it rain. Spider-Man toys in a fast food chain’s kid’s meal I get, but NAIL POLISH?

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