Food Art: Gimbap and Pottery

gimbaploveThe first time I made any type of sushi, it tasted pretty bad.  One of the hardest parts is getting the rice just right and the amount of vinegar.  Sushi Chef Toyoung Kwak expresses herself through her pottery food plates and “Gimbap.”  She splits time between her ceramic studio and restaurant, she has recently opened with her friend Jeomsook Noh.

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Food: A Night of Eating in Viva Vegas

harvestbyroyellamarI haven’t done a weekend trip to Las Vegas with my girlfriends in awhile.  Maybe it’s time now to check out this restaurant, Harvest by Roy Ellamar at the Bellagio hotel.  The latest episode of Chef’s Night Out interviews chef Roy Ellamar and his Harvest farm fresh restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip.  Let the eating begin.

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Food from the World of Harry Potter

3broomsticksrestaurantWith the official launch The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 7, 2016, a must stop is the 3 Broomsticks restaurant.  Butterbeer!

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Japan: Vending Machine Restaurant

automatdinercoverJapan is known for it’s high tech and advance vending machines where you can just get about anything.  There’s a restaurant with no staff and only vending machines serving food and drinks.  Located in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture which is 2 hours from Tokyo, there is a restaurant that uses only food vending machines – the Automat Diner.

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I Like To Eat Episode #2: Chicken on Fire


photo taken by Adrian Domingo

The long awaited 2nd episode to I Like to Eat is here!

On this episode, we visit Chicken on Fire and try some of their signature spicy fried chicken wings. We even get to go behind the scenes and see how their wings are prepared.

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Food: Eating in SF with Jesse Koide

pinkzebrasflogoThis time, Chef’s Night Out is in SF aka The City (Shot out to the Dubs!)  Munchies hangs out with chef Jesse Koide from Pink Zebra.  A Asian/Mediterranean fusion restaurant located in the Mission District.

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Cloud 9: The Floating Bar Restaurant in Fiji

cloud9barfijiNext travel destination:  Fiji.  Travel by boat to Cloud 9, the floating bar/restaurant in Fiji.  Grab a sweet cocktail, a slice of pizza and some snorkeling in one place.

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In Japan: Sailor Moon Cafe

sailormooncafeIf you’re one of those Sailor Moon obsessed fans, then you may want to make a pilgrimage to this Sailor Moon Crystal themed cafe in Shinjuku, Japan.  Sailor Moon has teamed up with Namco’s Anion Station to create the restaurant for a limited time, well until May 6th, 2015.  The food and drink items are also Sailor Moon universe inspired.

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Food: Healthy Soul Food

mytwocentsThere’s such thing as gluten free Soul Food?  This is what LA restaurant My Two Cents does.  Munchies’ coolest show Chef’s Night Out interviews chef/owner Alisa Reynolds and her night out in LA of eating and drinking with friends.

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Food: Colombian Meal in Korea Town

escalalogocoverEating Colombian food in K-town LA.  Say what?  Yupe, have a Colombian meal in Koreatown.  On this episode of Chef’s Night Out they take a look at Escala restaurant and interview chef Chris Oh.  Chris also takes viewers on a Korean food adventure in K-town LA.

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All about Meatballs @ the Meatball Shop

meatballshopMeet the meatball kings of Manhattan – Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow of The Meatball Shop.  These two guys have been in the restaurant business all their lives and got an idea of a restaurant just focused on making top-notch meatballs.  Another episode of Chef’s Night Out that makes me hungry in my cubicle and craving meatballs now.

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In China: Robot Chefs making Noodles

Whoa, here’s a paradigm shift in China, robot chefs making hand-made noodles in restaurants.  It seems that human chefs take a longer time making noodles and cost more in wages, so restaurateur Cui Runguan decided to build noodle-bots.  The noodle-bots named Chef Cui cost about $2,000USD each.

We fight Deceptions and make an awesome bowl of wonton noodles!!!

Public Hotel: The Pump Room

The Pump Room, Public Hotel in Chicago.

Next time you visit Chicago, check out the Pump room inside Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel. The restaurant is reasonably priced and it’s almost like dining under a planetarium.

For more info on the restaurant, go to:  Public Hotels – Chicago.

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