Music: CRZY by Kehlani

kehlanicrzyWhat I’m bumping on my steps walking?  The latest by Oakland native Kehlani with the song CRZY.  It’s a smoking in-your face bass bumping track.  She has drop two mixtapes:  Cloud 19 and You Should Be Here.

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Transformers: The Movie, Original Motion Picture Score

TransformersCoverIn the age of digital downloads and streaming music, who goes to the record stores and buys the physical copy?  Well, if you’re an old-school fanboy like me, this is one CD you should definitely buy, The Transformers:  The Movie Original Motion Picture Score by Vince DiCola.  Let’s not mistake these soundtrack CDs for the Michael Bay live-action crap, this is the 1986 animated Transformers flick.  Yes, you should be aware The Transformers: The Movie CD which came out in 1986, but that CD featured all the pop songs like “The Touch” & “Dare” and only a couple of score tracks.  This release features 25 tracks of music score from the movie.

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The $9 dollar computer is trending


A little tech company Next Thing Co. based in Oaktown, CA is making a super cheap P.C. without all the bells and whistles.  The computer is basically a chip with 1GHz, 512MB RAM, 4GB of storage and runs on a Linux OS.  The CHIP can connect WiFi or Bluetooth and use any screen like composite out, VGA or HDMI.  Again, this $9 computer can do lots of stuff.

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The Bay Lights Art Installation

Bay LightsBeing a native San Franciscan, we figure out at a young age that of the two Bay Area bridges, the Golden Gate Bridge is the prominent and celebrated actor while the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge is the sturdy understudy. Well the time has finally come for the Bay Bridge to step into the limelight with an ambitious, privately-funded art installation called “The Bay Lights.” Consisting of 25,000 LED Lights while measuring 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high, it is currently the world’s largest LED light sculpture. Each night for the next two years from dusk to 2 a.m., the lights are individually programmed to show a random flow of lights as if shadows are floating to and fro between the towers.

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