Drink: the “Pin-Up” Beer Can

braziliancontibierIf you remember a few years back Coors Light had these “deep cold activation” beer cans and bottles.  The beer can would change colors telling the you that it was a cold cold beer.  Now Brazilian ad agency WMcCann has done something similar with Brazilian beer company Conti Bier with their limited edition “Pin-Up” beer cans.

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Sirens: The Pin-Up Art of David Wright

sirensdavidwrightWhat comes to mind, when you think pin-up art from of the 1940s-1960s?  Maybe model Bettie Page might pop in your head or paintings like the “Vargas Girls” by artist Alberto Vargas.  How about David Wright?  And NO, he’s not the Third Baseman from New York Mets baseball team!  In the 20th Century, British artist Dave Wright was also right-up there with his American peers like Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren.  World War II sparked the pin-up girl craze as David Wright created his “Lovelies.”  Dave Wright’s pin-up girls was all over Britain, “a standard fixture on the walls of barrack rooms, officers’ messes, pubs and clubs” (Terry Parker, Sirens: The Pin-Up Art of David Wright).

Wright 03

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