New Cover Tune by Kawehi

kawehicovergarbageMy fellow Retrenders blogger Stevie J told me about this YouTube indie music artist Kawehi.  So a couple of internet clicks away, I found myself watching most of Kawehi’s videos.  She’s a one-woman band and making music.

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Norah Jones x Danger Mouse = Little Broken Hearts

norahjonesbrokenheartscoverThis might be an odd couple – Danger Mouse and Norah Jones.  But they’ve been making an album together called “Little Broken Hearts” and the CD will hit retail outlets tomorrow.  It’s a mix of jazzy soul and eclectic beats.  Like Adele’s 21 album, Jones gets personal and will sing songs about her ex-boyfriend.

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Music: Aussie Imports – The Veronicas

The “Down Under” has imported great musical pop groups and singers like INXS and Kylie Minogue to the US.  One pop act that has not crossed over just yet, these twin sisters hailing from Brisbane – Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, make up the pop rock group The Veronicas.

In 2005 – The Veronicas released their debut album – “The Secret Life of …”. The LP won me over with a great mix of pop rock beats, up-tempo rifts, and a mixture of pop ballads.  In 2007, the second album was released – Hook Me Up.  For me it wasn’t a great album, even though they had 4 top ten singles on the Aussie charts.  I think they fell in love with the drum machines and that off-putting electro-pop genre.

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