Largest LEGO Millennium Falcon

legostarwarsfalconCelebrating International Star Wars day in Melbourne, Australia, the goal was to build the largest LEGO Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon.  LEGO approved Master Builders Chris & Dan Steininger and fans help in building the biggest Millennium Falcon spaceship.

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Hungry For Recipes: The Ultimate Aussie Burger

aussieburger101Wowhoo!  Hungry for Recipes column or blog or whatever you call it is back.  My fellow Retrenders blogger Stephen Jang blogged about the Aussie burger awhile back (click here to backtrack – Aussie burger), but Sebastian P over at TourRadar (a super travel/foodie blog) directed us to the Ultimate Aussie Burger with the Lot (aka Ozzie Burger).

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P&C: Down Under Collection

downundergraphicteesJust in time for Spring clothes shopping, Pilot & Capt. (P&C) releases a new collection of graphic t-shirts, the “Down Under” tees.  The “Down Under” set rocks Auckland (AKL), Melbourne (MEL), Perth (PER) and Sydney (SYD).

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LEGO Sydney Opera House

LEGO Sydney Opera HouseOne of the world’s most iconic architectural buildings is the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia and here we have a super detail build of the building using LEGOs by Ryan McNaught aka The Brickman.

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Viral Video Friday: This Is Africa

africa 00africa 01

I’m really a big fan of the Canon 5D DSLR and here’s why.  On a trip to Africa this March 2013, Benjamin Dowie took a video glimpse of Uganda and Tanzania.

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Combat Creatures – The Attacknids

doomrazerThese toy robots will be great stress relievers in your cubicle.  Combat Creatures – the Attacknids can fire battle discs at unsuspecting co-workers.  Batteries are not included.  From the office desk, grab the remote control and  sync these Attacknids together for the attack.

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SEGA: Castle of Illusion back this Summer 2013!


Way back in the 1990s, SEGA released a neat little 2D platformer game with Disney character Mickey Mouse.   The Castle of Illusion side-scroller was a hit game for the Genesis/Mega Drive and found it’s way onto the Master System and Game Gear consoles too.  Two sequels would also come – Land of Illusion (1992) and World of Illusion (1993).

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More Umbrella Art

Image via Peter Greig

Simply beautiful. There really should be more of these simple but yet beautiful art pieces that decorate our city. Why must we always have modern art that push boundaries, but yet, no one can understand them or find it at least semi-pleasing? While this art installation might not cause controversy or lead art into new territories, I would really enjoy seeing this on my way to work everyday. It just brings a smile to my face.

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Sweets Store with Childlike Design Element

If you ever find yourself on the corner of Queen & Bourke Street in Melbourne, Australia – make sure you stop by the The Candy Room.  This store isn’t just about sugary sweets, but also about retail design.

Check it out:  The Candy Room in Melbourne, Australia.

Music: Aussie Imports – The Veronicas

The “Down Under” has imported great musical pop groups and singers like INXS and Kylie Minogue to the US.  One pop act that has not crossed over just yet, these twin sisters hailing from Brisbane – Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, make up the pop rock group The Veronicas.

In 2005 – The Veronicas released their debut album – “The Secret Life of …”. The LP won me over with a great mix of pop rock beats, up-tempo rifts, and a mixture of pop ballads.  In 2007, the second album was released – Hook Me Up.  For me it wasn’t a great album, even though they had 4 top ten singles on the Aussie charts.  I think they fell in love with the drum machines and that off-putting electro-pop genre.

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