Viral Video Friday: Cardboard Built Places for a Cool Music Video

janeluicoverEvery once in-awhile, you watch a music video and say to yourself, “Wow, that is really cool.”  This “Southern Winds (Revisited)” music video taken from artist Jane Lui’s album Goodnight Company took a year to make.  It her a long time to build the cardboard world of sets and places.

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“Homeland” TV Program in Promo Vinyl Covers

showtimevinylcoversI’ve always found joy in CD, cassette tape or vinyl albums, because you could read the many linear notes, look at the artwork and it just felt more tangible in your hands.  Kids today are missing out with downloading and streaming music, but I digress.  The topic at hand is these cool vinyl-style jazz covers made for the hit Showtime program “Homeland.”

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Norah Jones x Danger Mouse = Little Broken Hearts

norahjonesbrokenheartscoverThis might be an odd couple – Danger Mouse and Norah Jones.  But they’ve been making an album together called “Little Broken Hearts” and the CD will hit retail outlets tomorrow.  It’s a mix of jazzy soul and eclectic beats.  Like Adele’s 21 album, Jones gets personal and will sing songs about her ex-boyfriend.

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