LEGO IDEAS The Big Bang Theory 21302

bigbangtheoryFans of the geeky CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory will enjoy this LEGO-style playset from LEGO Ideas.  The Big Bang Theory 21302 set features the iconic Leonard and Sheldon’s living room with 7 minigures:  Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette.

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Drink: Ikea Dark Lager

“I’ll have an order of Swedish meatballs and a pint of beer!”

Ikea is selling beer but, so far, it is not available in the States.  I will definitely assign myself to the taste test for Retrenders once I find this and report the result back to everyone. I do hope the beer comes fully assembled and not missing any small parts.

Source:  Geekosystem – Ikea Beer.

File-sharing is a Religion!

swedishcopychurchAren’t the Swedes great?  File-sharing is now a religion in Sweden – The Church of Kopimism.  The gospel is:  “holiest – information and copy.”  There are 4 truths in the Church of Kopimism: 1) All knowledge to all; 2) The search for knowledge is sacred; 3) The circulation of knowledge is sacred; 4) The act of copying is sacred.

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