Star Wars AT-AT Bookcase

starwarsbookcaseThis bookcase is made for kids, but I think any Star Wars fan will want to use it in a display setting.  This looks like something you might find at Pier 1 Imports or IKEA, but no, it’s from Pottery Barn Kids.  This Star Wars AT-AT Bookcase is made from wood and hand painted.  There’s storage for books and other knit knacks.

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Geek Out: Sega Master System Sofa

SMS 00

The Sega Master System (SMS) didn’t get the props or sales numbers like it’s rival Nintendo Entertainment System during the 1980s, but I thought it had great games and graphics.  And I still have the system and it still works!!!  Here’s a one-off tribute by French video game blogger Subby-kun and his wife Subbinette.  The sofa is the main unit while the pillows make the two joysticks.

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Seungji Mun’s Dog Safe Sofa

I don’t own a dog since there’s enough on my plate with the wife and son, but maybe when my son leaves for college, I might consider having a canine companion. By then, I will definitely have considered picking up one of these beautifully designed sofas so that myself and man’s best friend can sit together comfortably. He or she can have a little nap while I enjoy a movie.

For more info and images, go to:  Seungji Mun – Dog Safe Sofa.

Turn a Mercedes-Benz Dashboard into an Office Desk!

South African home designer Katie Thompson teams up with Mercedes-Benz and takes an old SL car interior dashboard and turning it into a useable office desk.

Check the in-depth article about Katie’s project with Mercedes-Benz at:  Business Insider.

Drink: Ikea Dark Lager

“I’ll have an order of Swedish meatballs and a pint of beer!”

Ikea is selling beer but, so far, it is not available in the States.  I will definitely assign myself to the taste test for Retrenders once I find this and report the result back to everyone. I do hope the beer comes fully assembled and not missing any small parts.

Source:  Geekosystem – Ikea Beer.

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