Sneakers in a Bank Vault – 24 Kilates Bangkok

24kilatesbangkokWith the age of the Internets and shopping for stuff online, good old fashion retail stores need that “shock and awe” to get shoppers into stores.  Like the cool geeky Apple retail stores, streetwear boutiques have done the same by making brick & mortar stores a neat event place to come in and buy stuff.  One such shop is 24 Kilates in Bangkok, Thailand.  This innovative sneaker shop looks like a Swiss bank vault.  The shoes are kept in safety-type deposit boxes.  Now that’s neat.

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Puppets Gone Mad in Thailand


Puppet masters from around the world gathered in Bangkok, Thailand for the Harmony World Puppet Carnival.  The puppet convention runs through November 10, 2014, so that’s 10 days of fun for puppet fans.

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