Toilet Board Game

toilettrouble00This game is fun for all ages at the dining table with family and friends, well mostly “kids” that like toilet humor.  Hasbro introduces Toilet Trouble Game.  Spin the toilet paper roll and see if you flush or spray it.

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Sexiest Toilet Ever: Kohler NUMI

Super sexy gadget infused toilet.  This toilet has everything – heated seat, speaker system, touch screen tablet to control the toilet, and more.  What every guy needs.

You can insert jokes here. (PS – This is a toilet ad)

MSRP $6,400USD.

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Peeing Video Game by SEGA

Usually the men’s restroom in public areas are a filthy mess.  But maybe a interactive video game can help men shoot straight.  Video game company SEGA will introduce the Toylet.  You get points for shooting straight.

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