Venice in Frozen

Venicefrozen 00What would the city of Venice and it’s waterways look like in a harsh winter?  With some photo retouching and super imposing this is what Venice would look like.

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Tokidoki x Peggy Guggenheim Collection

peggy collectionWhen we hear people mentioning “modern art” or “contemporary art”, one of the words that pops up in our minds is the “Guggenheim”.  Now Tokidoki is collaborating with the Guggenheim to bring us “The Peggy Guggenheim Collection.”

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Life-Sized Army Men


Art can communicate thought provoking conservations and human emotions, like this art piece “This Is Not A Game” by artist Lorenzo Quinn.  This sculpture features life-sized green army men and giant hands.  The piece using a real Russian T55 tank  was installed back in 2011 at San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy.

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