A Guide To Being A Vampire Slayer

buffyEven after lasting 7 season’s and 144 episodes on air, Joss Whedon’s cult hit TV show Buffy, The Vampire Slayer remains popular with fans today.  Do you also want to be like Buffy?  Do you want to be a Vampire Slayer?  Well, now’s your chance, as Buffy’s mentor Rupert Giles offers up his book: Demons of the Hellmouth – A Guide for Slayers, basically a Who’s Who’s list and character guides of the many vampires, demons, and other players they’ve meet along the way in the TV show.


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King of the Nerds Xander @ Twin Galaxies

twingalaxiesbannerIf you didn’t know, our Ramen host The Eddie favorite show was on TBS, King of the Nerds.  While at Twin Galaxies, The Eddie had a chance to interview Xander Jeanneret from King of the Nerds.

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