Women’s Fashion: “Tis now the season for a Cape”

You can consider this to be a bit of a belated fall fashion awareness, but really, “Tis now the season for a Cape!”  As a guy, I wear a wool coat, but I noticed women wearing some of the most fashionable capes and it’s not because it’s Halloween, it’s because winter is now kicking up, and the cold candle lit holidays are just around the corner.

These are only similar to the fashion styles I spotted while I was down and out of San Francisco, but if you look into your favorite department store or google women capes, you’ll find a plethora of color and fabric design styles that will cater to your taste and look.

STYLES ABOVE: Charter Club Suede Cape Jacket,  Tahari Macrame Belle Capelet, Bouclé Cape, Aryn K Tie front Cape,  and Check Cape

These listed products can be found at Nordstroms or Macy’s

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