Women’s Fashion: “Tis now the season for a Cape”

You can consider this to be a bit of a belated fall fashion awareness, but really, “Tis now the season for a Cape!”  As a guy, I wear a wool coat, but I noticed women wearing some of the most fashionable capes and it’s not because it’s Halloween, it’s because winter is now kicking up, and the cold candle lit holidays are just around the corner.

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Fujifilm XF1 – the sexy digital camera.

Fujifilm has just launched the XF1 – their line of sexy stylish point-and-shoot digital cameras.  It has all the basic bells and whistles of any typical point and shoot digital camera, so you are basically paying for the fake leather … I mean the faux leather.

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Uniqlo & Marvel Comics Collab

Sexy Marvel tees – because it’s Uniqlo!

A friend of mine was recently in Hong Kong for vacation and stopped over @ the Uniqlo store and got me this fresh collab tee by Uniqlo and Marvel Comics.  The tee is of course %100 cotton and reprints classic comic covers from Marvel comics.  Remember when comics were .40 cents!  In my day it was .75 cents and I’m really dating myself here.  But if you are in Asia – make sure you stop by the Uniqlo stores for these cool collab tees.

Check it out:  Uniqlo Jpn or Uniqlo USA

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