A1: The World’s Greatest Comics, Vol. 1 Annual

a1 comic coverGet ready for some fun and laughs ‘cuz don’t you get tired of reading typical Marvel and DC superhero stuff all the time?  Take a break, try out A1:  The World’s Greatest Comics, Vol. 1 Annual from Atomeka and Titan Comics.  This graphic novel anthology brings together top writers and artists from various comic backgrounds and art styles like Alan Moore, Jim Steranko, Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley, James Robinson, D’Israeli, Dave Elliott, Bill Sienkiewicz and others.  You know, it’s kinda of  like a 2CD compilation of Now That’s What I Call I Music.  What is it up to now in the UK?  Like Vol. 90?  Okay, let’s move on to the wild action, mystery, art exhibit coolness and coffee trivia from the A1 Vol. 1 Annual.

A1C 01

A1C 00The A1:  The World’s Greatest Comics Vol. 1 Annual features all-new material, but we kick-off with a reprint classic from comic legends Joe Simon and Jack Kirby with “Island in the Sky” sci-fi story.  We get a mix of stories with different writing and drawing styles in this collection.  The anthology includes bios on the writers and artists at the end of each comic-short.

A1 GalleryThe anthology collection also features art from the “Image Duplicator” exhibition which brought together comic-book artists and “commercial artists” fighting against art snobbery.  Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein recently had an exhibition at the Tate Modern where his pop art was taken originally from drawings from the likes of Jack Kirby, John Romita, Joe Kubert and others and received no credit or fee.

A1 CoffeeSince I’m a coffee lover, I like that we get coffee factoids in this graphic novel anthology!  I learned that the first caffeine energy bar created was by the Oromo people from Ethopia.  Thanks to Coffee Labs we get cool coffee trivia and next time I play Trivia Pursuit I will be ready!

A1C 02I tell you, this graphic anthology is jam pack with goodness with top comic-book talent with new stories.  You get information on “Image Duplicator” exhibition and what comic-book artist think of “Pop Art” snobs and coffee addicts everywhere will enjoy the coffee factoids.  A1:  The World’s Greatest Comics is a must-buy!


Hardbound Graphic Novel:  A1:  The World’s Greatest Comics, Vol. 1 Annual

Publisher:  Titan Comics

MSRP:  $22.99USD

Available:  Now


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