Super Mario Kart for Toddlers

mariokart 00Too bad this Super Mario Kart by Creative Cedar Designs is only for little kids.

toddler mario kart

The Super Mario Kart Ride On single seater is built for toddlers weighing up to 70 pounds.  It runs on a 6 volt battery and top speed is 2.5mph.  There are also game sound effects from the Mario Kart games, comes with a seat belt, forward & reverse drives, and working brakes.  The Kart itself weighs around 40 pounds.  This product is currently available for pre-order at Toys ‘R’ Us.

MSRP:  $199.99USD

Available:  June 2014

Available for pre-order at:  Toys ‘R’ Us – Super Mario Kart Ride On Vehicle.

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