Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Issue #1

eleventhdoctorcoverOne of the most popular actors to play the Doctor was Matt Smith.  Look for more Matt Smith adventures as the Eleventh Doctor with this on-going series by Titan Comics.  Writers Al Ewing & Rob Williams and artist Simon Fraser delivers the first issue to Doctor Who fans.


Alice Obiefune’s world is crumbling around her with the lost of her mother.  Everything revolved around her, and now Alice is alone.  As Alice walks home, a mysterious alien dog rampages the streets of London and somehow she finds herself trying to capture it with a stranger.  Back at home, the blue phone booth pops into Alice’s living room and the Eleventh Doctor introduces himself.  He wants Alice to join him in finding the Kharitite creature before it wrecks more havoc through London.

doctorwho1101Writers Al Ewing and Rob Williams capture the spirit of Matt Smith’s version of the Eleventh Doctor in this new on-going comic book series.  And Simon Fraser’s artwork feels right at home in this story of lost and pain.  If you’re a fan of Doctor Who franchise, I would say definitely pick this first issue up!


Buy it @ ComiXology – Doctor Who – The Eleventh Doctor #1


Comic Book Title:  Doctor Who – The Eleventh Doctor #1

Authors:  Al Ewing & Rob Williams

Artist:  Simon Fraser

Publisher: Titan Comics

MSRP:  $3.99USD

Available:  July 23, 2014 (in both digital and print formats)

Suggested 12+

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