A1 Presents Carpe DIEm


We caught a glimpse of this cool looking comic strip Carpe DIEm earlier this year with the Titan Comics/Atomeka anthology collection Monster Massacre Vol. 2.  Now this collected edition offers 104 pages of action/adventure and off-beat humor.  Carpe DIEm is a team of super agents named after each day of the week hoping to save the world from crazy evil villains.

Carpe DIEm is formed by the mysterious Sir 8th Day who is a little eccentric and clumsy and usually decisions are made by his butler Jude.  Jude is like Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, Jude was created in a test tube and now is an intelligent talking Koala bear.  Sir Sunday is an ex-Triad gangsta and is the old and wise field general for the team.  Like all super-agent teams, you gotta have a sniper, and that is teenager Lady Saturday.  What team doesn’t have a ninja?  Like G.I. Joe, Carpe DIEm has Sir Friday the ninja assassin who rarely speaks.  And these guys even have a Doctor Strange like character, that is Sir Thursday, the Shaman sorcerer who combines Eastern and Western magic.  Like all super teams, you gotta have a big fat guy, Sir Wednesday, he’s the muscle.  And why not, let’s throw-in that loud obnoxious like American, Sir Tuesday.

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A1 Presents The Weirding Willows

williowscoverComic book creator Dave Elliot creates a new Alice in Wonderland universe and re-imagining of famous literary characters from the 19th century.  Like ABC/Disney’s TV show Once Upon A Time, “The Weirding Willows” is where the worlds of Wonderland, Oz, Neverland, Olympus, Mars and Earth collide.  This trade collects issues #1-6 of The Weirding Willows with bonus commentary and artwork.

wwilliows 00

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Blazing Glory in the Odyssey Vol. 1: History Lesson

blazinggloryWhat if my favorite action directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez had their take on creating Captain America?  This hot and spicy jambalaya soup has everything; the supernatural elements, the PG-13 superhero moments, the real-world geopolitical issues, add some zombies (and Dracula to the mix) and of course some bloody violent action into the mix and you get Dave Elliot’s Blazing Glory in Odyssey Vol. 1:  History Lesson.

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Interview with Sharky! author Dave Elliot

 sharkycoverDon’t know the name Dave Elliot?  Well, he’s worked at DC, Marvel, 2000AD and Heavy Metal, just to name few places.  Over 25 years in the comics scene, our Retrenders team catches up with Dave Elliot about his new Sharky! graphic novel published by Titan Comics.


RTNDR:  You have worked with artist Alex Horley on many projects, what is the work relationship like when you guys do a project together?  Is there much collaboration on story building and character designs?Dave Elliot:  Both Alex and myself have very similar influences.  Kirby, Frazetta and John Buscema are all at the top our lists.  We have had enough of those fevered fanboy chats late into the evening that even before we started we both knew what the other wanted to do.  For Sharky some of the character designs were set but Alex made them his own and then we built from there.

We wanted to do something that was a tribute to those creators as well, so in true Kirby style we wanted to come up with as many ideas as possible and then throw them in.  I think after all the decompressed storytelling of the last 15-20 years Sharky must read like a roller coaster ride.  I think we managed to get enough ideas for 20 comics in those original four issues.

RTNDR:  As you mentioned in the Sharky! graphic novel a origin story of Gunmetal is coming, can we also get a story arc on Thor Stormhausen (Max to her friends)?

David Elliot:  You’ll see Thor again in issue 256 of Heavy Metal this month. She makes a brief appearance with Sharky in a new Maximum Force story where Sharky tries to get Max Carnage to get back in the game and help him build a new team.

RTNDR:  How about a kick-ass team-up of Thor Stormhausen and Vampirella?
Dave Elliot:  That would be awesome and a lot of fun.
RTNDR:  In Sharky! Volume 1:  When Titans Clash! there are lots of special guests like Savage Dragon, The Mask, Madman and Wildstar.  How did you come about grabbing these characters?

Dave Elliot:  I knew all the creators so I just asked them for permission and they said yes.  It was just a brief use and all for fun.  Those creators got that.  Sharky has since gotten to team back up with Mister Monster as well as meet El Zombo in Monster Massacre.

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Sharky! by Dave Elliot & Alex Horley

sharkycoverI got a glimpse of the off-beat muscle-bound Sharky and his friends in the graphic novel anthology Monster Massacre Vol. 1, and now we get a full Sharky graphic novel from writer Dave Elliot and artist Alex Horley.  Why does Tank Girl have to get all the crazy fun?  Sharky gets in on the action too.  If you’re looking for Shazam!, well this isn’t it bitches!  This is Sharky!

Sharky 00

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