“Homeland” TV Program in Promo Vinyl Covers

showtimevinylcoversI’ve always found joy in CD, cassette tape or vinyl albums, because you could read the many linear notes, look at the artwork and it just felt more tangible in your hands.  Kids today are missing out with downloading and streaming music, but I digress.  The topic at hand is these cool vinyl-style jazz covers made for the hit Showtime program “Homeland.”

homeland03homeland02Design studio Mattson Creative created these jazz-inspired vinyl covers with Showtime to promo the show.  You can buy these prints on the Showtime website.  The 12×12 prints cost $49.95USD and the 24×34 prints cost $54.95USD.

homeland00Homeland is currently on it’s fourth season, I admit I stopped watching after season 2, because it just got a little too crazy for me.

homeland01  For more Homeland covers, go to:  Mattson Creative – Homeland.

Looking to buy the prints, go to:  Showtime – Homeland.


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