Animator turned Comic Book Artist: Mingjue Helen Chen

artofninjangewieI remember being a big fan when Cassandra Cain took over as the role of Batgirl and I bought every issue at the comic book store, but of course during the eventual run, it got weird and basically a bad storyline cancelled the series.  Now my Batgirl interest has peaked with curiosity with new an new artist Mingjue Helen Chen coming into the DC fold.  The Academy of Art graduate whose worked on projects like Wreck-It Ralp and Big Hero 6 is now bringing her own unique digital anime-cartoon style to Gotham Academy #7 and Batgirl Annual #3.

Like Joe Madureira bursting onto the drawing scene with Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men run and his “Age of Apocalypse” storyline, Helen can also have the same impact with her style of art.  She has done a fill-in job with Gotham Academy #7 and you can see more of her work next week 07/29/15 as Batgirl Annual #3 drops.

Helen Chen interview @ – Batgirl.

Stay up-to-date with Helen Chen @ Tumbler – jigokuen.

Check:  DC Comics – Gotham Academy #7; Batgirl Annual #3.

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