The Drive-In Theater Painting Experience

andrewvalkopaintingsDuring the 1950s and thru 1960s, all across America with robust car market, the movie drive-in theater was also at the height of it’s popularity.  Artist Andrew Valko’s series of drive-in theater paintings gives us a taste of Americana and through the “eyes” of the drive-in movie customer.


moviedrivein00Andrew paints an iconic film scene with a the backdrop of the movie screen and drive-in theater background.  The paintings along with the colors have that impactful realism and movie-like wonderment that draws us, the on-looker into his paintings.

moviedrivein02If these paintings draw your attention, then you can check out more of his “drive-in movie” paintings @ Andrew Valko – Paintings.

moviedrivein03Follow Andrew @ Andrew Valko.



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