The Barbie Collection: Batman v Superman Black Label

thebarbiecollectiondcdawnofjusticeMattel’s Barbie toy line is known for producing Barbie dolls, but hold up now.  My face does a double-take.  Say what?  Barbie will also be doing Batman v Superman figures and these figures actually look decent.  Mattel’s primo Barbie line, The Barbie Collection Black Label will be producing 3 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Collection – Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

The price point of $40 bucks is aimed at the adult collector and all the figures are designed by Bill Greening.  Each figure stands around 13″ tall with various points of articulation and comes with accessories and stand.

Here’s hoping The Barbie Collection will do more DC characters like Hawkgirl, Harley Quinn, The Green Arrow and The Flash.

MSRP:  $39.95USD

Buy it @ The Barbie Collection – Wonderman.

Buy it @ The Barbie Collection – Superman.

Buy it @ The Barbie Collection – Batman.

For the behind-the-scenes of this collection, go to:  The Making of the Black Label Dawn of Justice Collection.


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