Arrow: Vengeance

arrowvengeanceI admit, I’m a huge Arrow fan, since it’s CW TV network debut 4 seasons ago.  I’ve watched every episode so far with pure enjoyment and also gone back to buy classic Green Arrow comics and toys, so yeah, I’m a Green Arrow fanboy.  Fans of the show will know when watching Arrow on TV, there are lots of characters and world building and sometimes certain characters don’t get enough back story, so Titan Books recently released a brand-new paperback novel “Arrow: Vengeance” which focuses on the villains point of view.

The novel kicks-off with Slade Wilson finding his way off the island Lian Yu finally and returning to The Australian Secret Intelligent Service (A.S.I.S.).  Slade also gets a homecoming with his wife and son, but still he has nightmares of Shado and revenge on his mind – killing Oliver Queen.  After years of waiting, news of Oliver Queen returning to Starling City, Slade is ready to set his plan into motion.  Now as reference, the novel takes place behind-the-scenes of Arrow Season 1 and 2.  We get the more of a backstory of Isabel Rochev and Sebastian Blood and how mastermind Slade Wilson recruited them to destroy Oliver Queen.

Hate! Hate! Hate! Slade Wilson sure got hate on his mind.  Reading through the novel, you get a sense of Slade Wilson’s intense focus of hate and revenge for Oliver Queen (well, this Mirakuru is in him).  As I kept reading and turning pages, I’m thinking this Slade Wilson needs to “Let It Go” or “Chill Out.”  Authors Oscar Balderrama & Lauren Certo did a great job of integrating the TV show side and adding to the origins of Slade Wilson, Isabel Rochev and Sebastian Blood.  I like the fact that I never felt lost as the authors, like the TV show jumps back and forth from the past to present and they reference scenes from the TV show, so you as the reader have a sense of what episode or season this is taking place.  So kudos for that!  Green Arrow fans, instead of reading cheat notes form Wikipedia, pick-up this Titan Book’s paperback novel Green Arrow: Vengeance in bookstores or online.  A solid weekend read, though you might need a shot Jack Daniels and splash of ginger-ale because of Slade Wilson.


Paperback:  Arrow – Vengeance

Authors:  Oscar Balderrama & Lauren Certo

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $7.99USD

Available:  Now

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