World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle!

bouncycastleComing to a big weekend music festival near you!  The world’s biggest bouncy castle will appear at UK music festivals this year.  Creator Matt the Hat will debut the bouncy castle at the Common People music festival this weekend in Southampton City Centre.   The bouncy castle fits 100 party-goers.  It measures 78ft long, 68ft wide, 42ft high and takes 5,000 cubic ft of air to inflate.

Check out:  Common People Music Festival – Southampton Common.

Source:  NewsBeat Social – World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle.


  1. It was really something

  2. Reblogged this on SNIPS & SNAPS and commented:
    I wasn’t tempted but the kids loved it.

  3. wow that so huge.. How many kids can play around on this? should be fun even if adults join the bounce..

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